Developing a Company Voice

January 19, 2016

Starting a business or launching a new product is hard. By the time you secure funding, find the right people, and jump through all the legal hoops, you're probably exhausted. So when it's time to start marketing and telling your story, you might be tempted to push content out quickly without a strategy for company voice, tone, and style. 


An intentional company voice is essential. If you don't have a deliberate voice and style, you could be sending the wrong message to customers or scaring away potential business. Companies may also send mixed messages if several employees are developing content in isolation without guidelines about voice and style.


Is this really something that's worth your time and energy? Absolutely. Take, for example, a high-end wealth manager with a casual-sounding website. She may not be exuding the kind of confidence or seriousness that clients expect from the person who will make or break their retirement. She is better off using a formal and authoritative voice.


On the flip side, if a financial advisor wants to recruit Millennial clients who have very little financial know-how, but his website reads like an encyclopedia, it's going to be a struggle to attract his target audience.


Voice and style matter. If you want to see what a difference it can make, take some time to explore the different communication styles of businesses in your sector. Decide what you like and don't like. Then, develop clear guidelines and expectations for anyone who will writing or editing content on behalf of your company. 


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