Writing for the Web vs. Print—Hire Someone Who Knows the Difference

January 12, 2016

Did you know that people have different reading habits when they read online versus when they read in print? It's a fact that most business owners don't have time to consider. 


Most of us learned how to write print pieces (at least essays) in high school and college. We spent years learning rules that were supposed to make us successful writers. But writing effectively for the web is an entirely different skillset and different rules apply. Most importantly, it requires understanding the reading behaviors of your online audience and structuring your content appropriately.


When companies take content directly from brochures or white papers and plop it on their websites, it's not pretty. It's also not effective. Treating online content exactly like print will cause your audience to lose interest and move on to your competitors.


Some of the most common website mistakes fall into these categories:

  • Reading level is too high

  • Content is too dense

  • Paragraphs are too long

  • Important visual markers are missing


This might sound a tad overwhelming. And it's true, there's a lot to consider. But teaming up with someone who knows how to write for both print and digital environments will give you a strategic advantage and let you use your own brainpower for something else.


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